Meta: About Websites

The OpenPKG World-Wide-Web representation consists of websites under three primary second-level domains, each corresponding to one of the primary OpenPKG organization units:

All share the same visual style and global navigation, provided by a central website meta service.

Design & Implementation

The website was designed and implemented by Ralf S. Engelschall between January and March 2006. The following major technologies were primarily used for the implementation:

Standard Compliance

The website content is composed with the following technologies:

Browser Compliance

The website content is intended for (and was successfully tested with) the following platform and browser technologies (in order of our priority and as of Q2/2006):

Operating SystemBrowserRendering Engine
Windows-XPMozilla Firefox 1.5Gecko/1.8
FreeBSD/X11/KDEMozilla Firefox 1.5Gecko/1.8
Windows-XPInternet Explorer 6.0IE/6
FreeBSD/X11/KDEOpera 8.50Opera/8
FreeBSD/X11/KDEKonqueror/KDE 3.4KHTML/3.4
MacOS-X/AquaSafari 2.0KHTML/3.x
FreeBSD/X11/KDEW3M 0.5.1W3M/0.5
FreeBSD/X11/KDELynx 2.8.5Lynx/2.8
FreeBSD/X11/KDELinks 2.1preLinks/2.1